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This is Sarah’s story

Working with Sarah*: support to make lasting changes

Kent Homeless Connect coach Laura works with clients in our supported accommodation to make sure they have the right help in place for them. She has been working with client Sarah to overcome the problems she was facing with alcohol.

Because everyone using the service will have complex needs – be that because of mental or physical ill health, substance dependency or experience of past trauma or abuse – offering consistent support and building trust can be vital in helping people to turn their lives around. Explains Laura: “Tackling homelessness is about more than just providing a home. It’s also supporting people to make longer lasting changes in their lives.”

One of the clients Laura works with is Sarah. She has recently achieved sobriety thanks to our support. “When she first joined us, Sarah was drinking several bottles of wine a day. But with somewhere stable to live, she was able to work with our staff to decide how she wanted to overcome the problems she was facing.” 

The Kent Homeless Connect coaches understand that helping someone to overcome addiction can take time and requires ongoing support.

Asking someone to give up drinking straight away, or only providing sporadic support can often be unhelpful.

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“We encouraged Sarah to keep a drinking diary and think about the reasons that she drank. As a result, she was able to cut down over a period of time and eventually gave up alcohol altogether.”

That was just part of the support Sarah received in her journey towards independence, Laura says. “We’re pleased to say that she’s now living in a place of her own and is continuing to work with us to improve her CV and get into employment.”

*This story is real but names have been changed to protect the identity of this client.