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This is Katy’s story

Working with Katy*: a safe place and chance to re-build confidence

Pam is a link worker for Kent Homeless Connect. She worked with Katy to help her find a home then for several months after that to help her gain confidence and new skills to live independently.

Pam explains: “When we first started working with Katy she was sofa surfing and using drink and drugs to cope with the trauma of abuse. Now, safe and supported, Katy has moved into her first home. Helping someone overcome homelessness means giving them a safe and stable environment where they can establish their independence. People are often able to make big transformations once they know others believe in them.”

The situation had intensified mental health issues she was already experiencing, and at times she felt suicidal.

“We found Katy safe accommodation and she quickly re-established her independence. We also gave her the opportunity to take part in activities and workshops that improve clients’ confidence and empower them to make more positive changes to their lives.”

Over time, Katy developed new friendships, began drinking less and learned to manage her mental health.She successfully applied for college and later gained an entry-level job in the health and social care sector.

Earlier this year Katy moved into her own flat. It is the first time she’s had her own home, and Katy says it feels like she has a bright future ahead.

She is still working in the health & social care field and would one day like to work with people in similar situations to the one she was in.

Women talking to homeless

*This story is real but names have been changed to protect the identity of this client.