Are you homeless or worried you might lose your home? Check if you qualify

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Are you supporting someone who’s homeless or at risk? Check if they qualify

Eligibility Checker

How we support you

Kent Homeless Connect (KHC) considers the unique life history of each individual and the needs they have and offers a plan of personalised support.

We understand that finding the right support for you can be a difficult process. Kent Homeless Connect (KHC) is a specialist service designed to help, whether you are homeless or worried you might lose your home. 

Our friendly staff will work with you to look at your personal goals and help you plan your own support so you can get where you want to be. Our staff understand how each person is shaped by their history, at the same time recognising everyone has the power to change and grow.

Many of the people we support have very complex life experiences including drug or alcohol dependency or mental ill health. Some people may have experienced trauma and abuse, relationship breakdown or they may have a history of offending behaviour. 

Every person who comes to us is treated with understanding and compassion by staff who will help them find a positive way forward. 

Along with offering support to find a home or sustain a tenancy, counselling is offered along with practical help to manage finances. 

We believe that people have the right to a secure home in which to rebuild their lives, regardless of their starting point.  

KHC believes in working in partnership with the people we serve; together we build on confidence and skills, finding ways to break the cycle of negative life experiences.

Check if you qualify

Answer a few simple yes / no questions to find out if Kent Homeless Connect can help you. *If you are a referring professional, please answer these questions with your client in mind.

Who we support

The service is available to vulnerable adults living in Kent, aged 18 and over, with multiple support needs such as mental ill health or substance misuse problems.

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